OU/UKLA Teachers Reading Groups 2018-19

Our new OU/UKLA Teachers' Reading Group leaders are gearing up for launching throughout this month and into October.  We had the pleasure of meeting many of our new leaders at two recent introductory events in June.  At these events, we found heaps of enthusiasm and passion for RfP in evidence and we're delighted that we can support these new leaders.  One new leader, Sadie Phillips, tweeted the attached PowerPoint noting "it is my own way of processing and organising information."  She has kindly agreed that we can share it - we think it might be useful to others!

When we asked for new leaders to step forward, we didn't realise quite how inundated we would be!  We are excited that we now have 80 groups all around the country from Aberdeen to Cornwall, and Cardiff to Norwich and many places in between!  We'll soon be uploading a new list and map of the 2018-19 groups in a new Teacher's Reading Group area so please do keep checking back here.  In the meantime, if you are interested in joining a group, please email [email protected] and Gina can let you know where your nearest group is and put you in contact with the leader.

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