Sky Song Book Cover Competition

Design a book cover for Abi Elphinstone's Sky Song

Download and print the template of the Sky Song book cover (see 'download' on the right). Invite the children to design the cover, add a quote and a new title (individually or in groups). Seize the chance to discuss the book as a class or with those who have read it.  Once your children have completed the challenge, (in class, as homework, in a book club, a lunchtime Sky Song competition session etc), vote on the winning entry, take a photograph of it and upload it onto Twitter using the hashtag #SkySongComp

Winners will be chosen from the hashtag #SkySongComp

Teresa Cremin will shortlist and Abi Elphinstone will choose the overall winner. There are fantastic book prizes for the top 3! The winners will be showcased on the website. 

We can’t wait to see what your children come up with.

Maximum of 3 entries per class.

Deadline extended to 9th March 2019.

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