Empathy Lab announces 2019 Read for Empathy guides

An expert cross-disciplinary panel has chosen 45 books to strengthen children's empathy skills, and inspire them to put empathy into action in their communities.

Parents and teachers are increasingly concerned about the empathy-draining effect of social media, and about new pressures caused by societal divisions. To combat this – and inspired by scientific research about stories’ empathy-building effect – EmpathyLab is spearheading a new empathy movement with books at its core, aiming to develop children’s life skills and combat society’s empathy deficit. In 2019, this starts with today’s announcement of the titles chosen for the 2019 Read for Empathy Guides following publisher submissions of  books with strong empathy angles.

The Primary Guide features 14 picture books, 14 novels, a graphic novel and a poetry collection.  The Secondary Guide includes 2 graphic novels, 3 poetry books, 9 novels and a collection of short stories. 

For more information and to get hold of the guides, please visit http://www.empathylab.uk/2019-read-for-empathy-collections.

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