You can find out more about this research by reading the executive summaries:

Teachers as Readers: Phase 1 Research Report

Teachers as Readers: Building Communities of Readers

Short summaries of each of the research findings are available. As you explore each of the findings you will be able to access ‘more research details’ on that topic.

A wider list of key publications from the Reading for Pleasure team is available to download below. This includes project books, journal articles, and professional articles. The list also includes other relevant research studies on reading for pleasure, predominantly post 2000, which address core issues in volitional reading.

Reading for pleasure research publications

You can find out more about follow on research to explore the role of the CILIP Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Shadowing Scheme in enhancing reading for pleasure via the executive summary below.

Enriching reading for pleasure: extra-curricular reading groups

Recommended reading

The 2020 Read for Empathy collection

In this blog Jon Biddle describes the process and privilege of helping to select this new book collection with EmpathyLab.

Building Communities: why, what and how

In this article Professor Teresa Cremin considers the long term aim of developing readers for life and challenges us to consider effective strategies and practices to genuinely achieve this.

Sensory images, memories, and reading

Anežka Kuzmičová examines the role played by sensory mental images in readers’ experiences and memories of reading. Anežka uses the concept of remindings, any conscious associations that may emerge in the course of reading, to explore children's experience of reading.

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