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Ross Montgomery

What was your favourite childhood book and why?

The first book I can remember loving was called GING GANG GOOLIE, IT'S AN ALIEN - it was about a group of boy scouts who go camping and find an alien. It was a mixture of comic strip and text, which was exactly what I wanted - and it was hilarious, too!

Which of your own published books is your favourite and why?

Everyone always asks me this, and it's such a mean question! I love all my books in different ways, but the one that was most fun to write was CHRISTMAS DINNER OF SOULS - a book of short Christmas horror stories. Basically, I got to sit down at my computer and work out how to terrify children every day!

Why do you choose to read?

Reading is time travel and teleportation and telekinesis all in one. No matter where you are, if you have a book with you then you can always be somewhere else.

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