Digital books and reading for pleasure research

How can we evaluate digital books and what can they contribute to reading for pleasure? A Knowledge Transfer Partnership project in 2014 set out to explore these questions and develop guidance for practitioners.

The OU worked in partnership with BookTrust, the largest UK reading charity, in a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. The research identified six key facets of engagement with digital books which have the potential to contribute to reading for pleasure. Drawing on these insights the partnership produced guidance around developmentally appropriate use of digital technologies, a detailed explanation of pedagogical criteria for the evaluation of children’s digital books and contributed to the development of Book Trust’s digital strategy.

The evaluation criteria produced as part of the KTP project are also used in the UK Literacy Association Digital Book award, which celebrates excellence in children’s digital publishing. You can find out more about these criteria  here. The 2017 UKLA Children's Digital Book Award is sponsored by the Open University and run in partnership with BookTrust. 

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