Reading for pleasure

This element of OUResearch into creative pedagogies is based on Teachers as Readers: Building Communities of Readers (TaRs). This two phase UKLA/OU project examined children’s and teachers’ reading lives and practices and Reading for Pleasure (RfP).

The research revealed the significance of teachers’ knowledge of children’s literature and of children as readers, it articulated a clear RfP pedagogy and demonstrated the difference that Reading Teachers - teachers who read and readers who teach - can make to building communities of engaged readers.

The TaRs research involved:

  1. a survey of 1200 teachers’ knowledge and use of children’s literature, and their personal practices and preferences as readers in 11 local authorities
  2. a research and development project with teachers from 27 schools in Barking and Dagenham, Birmingham, Kent, Medway and Suffolk.

This RfP web space aims to build a vibrant user-community of teachers and student teachers who can:

  • engage with the research and review their RfP practice;
  • access practical guidance materials to support RfP;
  • develop research-informed practice and upload examples of their work;
  • participate in on-line events and contribute to the development of reading for pleasure internationally.

Do you want to join this professional community committed to developing readers’ desire, delight and engagement? If so browse our research and resources, and register to share your own.

Do you want to use this site to support school development? If so read Developing reading for pleasure in your school.

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