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Natalia Kucirkova

Natalia Kucirkova
Lecturer in Developmental Psychology at the Open University

During 2014 Natalia was the KTP funded Associate within BookTrust, working with them to develop their digital strategy.

Natalia researches innovative ways of promoting shared book reading with young children and the role of personalisation in story-telling and self-made books. Her doctoral research inspired the development of the Our Story tablet/smartphone application which is now widely employed as a research and literacy resource.

Since January 2017 she has been a Senior Research Fellow at University College London Institute of Education. You can find out more about her current research here.

​Karen Littleton

​Karen Littleton
Professor of Education at the Open University, UK

She has research expertise in the psychology of education and collaborative creativity.

She has held chairs in the Psychology of Education at The Open University, UK and at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. She has worked as a visiting professor at the University of Helsinki, Finland and Coventry University, UK. She has also held visiting scholarships at: UNAM, Mexico; University of Oulu, Finland; University of Tampere, Finland and the University of Cambridge, UK.

Karen is currently responsible for capacity building within the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology, the second largest educational research unit in the UK. She is also the writer-in-residence at Westbury Arts Centre, Bucks.

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