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Your personal information

The site enables you to register for an account. This will enable you to receive emails which alert you to relevant events. 

We store this information securely and we will never pass it on to anyone for marketing purposes. You can change your personal information yourself at any time, by editing your profile. If you want us to delete your account then simply email [email protected] and we will remove it.

The Reading for Pleasure area of the site also enables you to share an example of practice from your own work. To do so you must have firstly be registered on the site. You are then asked to complete a ‘Share your practice’ form where further information is requested including: the name and address of your setting (school or teacher training provider); the age phase you work with. You are asked to provide 3 key words that can be entered into a search engine to help users of the site to find your example. You are given the option of uploading a photograph relating to the work. You are asked to confirm that you have permission from your school or setting to upload your account of practice and that you have followed the ethical guidelines. Your account of practice will be moderated by the web site team before it is published on the site. This is to ensure that the material is appropriate and follows our guidelines. When the example is published your name and that of your school will be visible, alongside your suggested 3 key words. You can see examples within the Reading for Pleasure area of the site. 

Your content and information remains yours, including your photos and the text you type. You are free to make the information available to others at any time if you want to.

In legal terms, you are granting us a non-exclusive, transferable license to the material, and warranting that permission for this licence has been given by the copyright holder.

If you no longer want us to display your content, you should email us using the address [email protected] We will remove it immediately. (It will remain in the site backups for a reasonable period of time, but will not be available to other users.)

Security of your data

We take security very seriously. Data is protected from unauthorised access on secure servers, passwords are encrypted.

We also protect data transfer. As long as your web browser supports the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), any personal data transmitted from your browser to our web service, or from the service to your browser, will be encrypted.

We will not make your email address, IP address or password available to anyone outside the team operating the site, unless required to by law. 

Tracking usage

We use several approaches to improve the site. We note the IP address, a number which identifies the computer you use to access the site, to track usage.

We also use Google Analytics on the site, which captures information about the use of the site, to help us monitor and improve it. None of the information captured by Google Analytics is personally-identifiable information - that is, nothing that can identify you as an individual is stored.

Cookies are pieces of data created when you visit a site, and contain a unique, anonymous number. They are stored on the device you used to visit the site, and do not expire at the end of your session. Cookies do not contain any personal information about you and cannot be used to identify an individual user. Most web browsers will let you specify that you be prompted before a site puts a cookie on your device, so that you can decide whether to allow or disallow the cookie. Alternatively, you can set your device not to accept any cookie. If you choose not to accept the cookie, this will not affect your access to the majority of facilities available on our web site.

This website uses cookies to:

  • Maintain a logged in user’s session
  • improve our understanding of how people use our website, through web analytics

Links to third-party sites

While we will take all reasonable precautions to make sure that other organizations who we deal with have good security practices, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of those organizations whose websites may be linked to our service.

Using information on the site

The rights in material uploaded by users within the ‘share your practice’ area are owned by those users. 

For all other material, including the content and design of the site other than user-contributed examples of practice, all rights are owned or controlled for these purposes by The Open University. You may use this material on the site, but only for your own, personal, non-commercial use.